• Bryan Dubay

New Site!

I am really excited to be launching a new website for my photography! It feels like an old passion of mine has been reignited. I was talking with a friend about his art and it made me think about my own work that I've produced over the years. It felt necessary to revisit all the old series I made in college and pick them back up again.

I should mention my partner Glo. She is a huge support for all my passions. She will be assisting me with most of the shoots, not to mention modeling for them:

Glo braving Buffalo in November

You can't tell in the photo but she is freezing her ass off for this one. We had to keep jumping into the heated car to stay alive.

So, all of this potential new work will need help from my friends and strangers and anyone who is willing to give up a couple hours on a weekend. I am looking for anyone and everyone so if you're interested in being in a photo please let me know!

I will be starting with a new 'RELATE' series photograph that will be shot in our dining room. Look for the new post soon!



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